Copper Clad Laminate

Copper clad laminate, commonly referred to as CCL, is a key material of printed circuit board (PCB) and manufactured by laminating copper foil onto insulation layer composed of resin, glass fabric, filler and other chemicals.

There are a lot of kinds of copper clad laminate based on different standard of classification.

1. Classified by reinforcing material:

a. Paper base CCL (such as XPC)

b. Glass fiber cloth base CCL (such as FR-4, FR-5)

c. Compound CCL (such as CEM-1, CEM-3)

d. Special material base CCL (such as metal-base CCL, ceramic-base CCL and so on)

2. Classified by applied insulation resin:

a. Phenolic resin CCL (such as XPC, XXXPC, FR-1, FR-2 and so on)

b. Epoxy resin CCL (FR-4)

c. Polyester resin CCL

3. Classified by performance:

a. General performance CCL

b. CCL with high heat resistance

c. CCL with low dielectric constant

d. CCL with low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion)

4. Classified by mechanical rigidity:

a. Rigid CCL

b. Flexible CCL

Applications include communication, automotive, aerospace, medical, and many more.