1、What is copper clad laminate?

    As a base material for PCB, Copper Clad Laminate, or CCL, is typically sold as a semi-finished product. The outer layer is laminated with copper foil over a resin-impregnated glass fiber sheet (intermediate layer). The intermediate layer provides the basic structure for the finished product, and the copper foil gives it a distinctive look that can be customized to suit your needs.

2、What is FR-4 PCB laminate?

    FR-4 is the most widely used substrate or a base material for printed circuit boards. The name FR4 originated from the NEMA(National Electrical Manufacturers Association, USA) grading system where "FR" stands for Flame Retardant and "4" indicates woven glass enforced epoxy resin.

It is a glass reinforced epoxy laminate material that provides considerable mechanical strength to the PCB board.

They are available in two forms i.e. halogen/halogen free FR-4 laminates. Halogen laminates are those which on burning in open air release toxic gases into the atmosphere.

It is high pressure thermosetting plastic laminate grade with good strength to weight ratios.

It has zero water absorption and is most widely used for electrical insulation.

3、Types of copper clad laminate?

  A、Rigid CCLs

  B、Flexible CCLs

    FR-4, which is most widely applied around the world, is also the most copper-clad laminates we use. The main component of the substrate is epoxy resin. FR-4 has excellent performances and is cheaper than some  special materials. Meanwhile, this material has been fully studied, so it  can be modified to produce a wide range of benefits such as halogen-  free type. The Tg range reflects this, which divide FR-4 laminates into  low Tg, medium Tg, and high Tg. 

  -Low Tg: 110~130℃

  -Mid Tg: 135~160℃

  -High Tg: >=170℃

4、What factors should be considered in CCL manufacturing?

  Quality of the materials used in the laminate;

  Design and production standards;

  Performance requirements for the laminate;

  Reliability of the key components of the product.

5、Where can copper clad laminate be used?

  Electrical enclosures;

  PCB prototyping;

  Electrical and mechanical seals;

  Insulation for wiring and cable management.